Girlactik Liquid Lipsticks – Swatches & Review

If you read my Huda Beauty liquid lippies review you might have noticed the sneaky side note I wrote at the end comparing hers to the Girlactik liquid lipsticks…what I didn’t write in that side note was that the Girlactik ones are 100 times better!

MY ALL TIME FAV, TOP, #1, BESSSSTTTESSST liquid lipstick brand is Girlactik…their liquid lipsticks are simply the best.

I own so many liquid lipsticks but they just don’t live up to the standard set so high by the quality of Girlactik liquid lipsticks.

There’s not much to say expect go check my lip swatch video* of the shades I own and pick the colors you like and BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY!

*  Click here to see my lip swatch video on insta!

These liquid lipsticks are weightless, smooth, hydrating, long-lasting and once I go innnnnnnn on some greasy/oily food they fade beautifully leaving a nice tint AND they can be easily reapplied and layered without any patchiness or crumbling and crusting. (All other liquid lipsticks I own don’t meet all these criteria at once)

This wasn’t a detailed review…I wouldn’t even say a review per say…it’s more like a guuurrrllll go getttt it noowwww if you ainnn’t got it!


I know that this brand is known and that you guys must’ve heard of them but I feel like their light dimmed after all the companies/beauty gurus/Kylie came out with liquid lipsticks so I’m trynnnaaaa shed some light on it again (not that it would make a difference)



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