Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit – Swatches & Review

These were probably the hardest liquid lipsticks to get…I remember when it first launched and I put Candy K and Dolce K in my cart and was redirected to check out only for the entire site to crash at the same instant. Not even a minute has passed from them being available and they were ALREADY sold out. And the problem was I had them in my cart and I was so pissed that I wasn’t fast enough but also confused because I thought I was really fast. Anyway, I succeeded on the third restock but because I was traumatized by my previous experiences and there was all this buzz on how everything sells out in seconds I was too scared to waste time putting different shades in my cart so I literally proceeded to checkout after I added one color in the cart and the order surprisingly went through. I was so glad that I went back to the site added another shade and then proceeded to checkout and ended up placing several orders each having a different shade…I ended up only getting True Brown K and a refund for all the other orders I placed so yeah that was a fail. I waited a couple of months before finally placing another order and eventually got all the shades I wanted but if I’m completely honest I really hate how hard it is to get her products…it’s like going to war…like I literally need to prepare and refresh the few minutes before the previously announced timing of when things will be available…it’s very annoying…ANYHOW when I finally got all the lipkits I wanted I was so excited to try them on and my first impression of these lipkits wasn’t that great just because I had unrealistic expectations. Just because it’s Kylie and because of the INSANE demand on those lipkits I had very very verrrry high expectations and those weren’t met….so my first reaction was I’m never buying anything from this company again. In time I got over myself and when I started using them I started to like them more and more till I finally decided that some of the shades made it to my top fav lip products…so yeah I’m still surprised it’s like they sneaked in my heart like that (lol).

After trying these shades on and going out and really seeing them in action I have to say that they are probably one of the most long lasting liquid lipsticks I own and that of course comes at the expense of its comfort on the lips because I find them quite drying…I personally don’t mind that now and I found that using the lip liner (it’s amazing btw) underneath (filling the whole lips) makes them more comfortable on the lips. The colors are a lot darker in real like than they are on pictures of swatches or lip swatch videos and these are best applied in one swipe or one layer because when layered it crumbles, is more drying and can be so thick that you can peel it off. With that being said, these aren’t thick in texture (like the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones).


The colors are amazing I’m not gonna lie and I own every single shade expect for the two blues, the black and Kourt K

Click here to see swatches of the lip kits on my lips

Lastly, I think the question that most people ask is whether or not these lipkits are worth it…I personally think they are, keeping in mind that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have them and also that they are just as flawed as many other hyped about liquid lipsticks are (e.g KVD, Colourpop, ABH, etc.) in other words they are not perfect but they are worth giving it a try (not to mention that the lip liners they come with are BOMB and that the colors are amazing)

SN: Whenever I have an important event that I need to go to, a special occasion or a party I  find myself going for one of these lip kits (mostly Candy K) so I personally think that this speaks volumes (actions speak louder than words) .

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