Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani : Swatches & Review

I have always been a huge Gwen Stefani fan, so naturally I was beyond excited when I heard about this collaboration. When pictures of these palettes first surfaced, I wasn’t very sure about them, however since purchasing and using both palettes, I have nothing but good things to say about the both of them. I will be swatching and reviewing both the eyeshadow and cheek palette for you guys.

Firstly, as far as packaging goes, both of these palettes are absolutely gorgeous, with a white, black, and gold theme. The palettes feel sturdy and somewhat heavy, and both have a pretty large mirror that stands on its own, which I always appreciate. The eyeshadow palette contains 15 shadows with a net weight of 1.40 grams of product, and the cheek palette contains 6 blushes with a net weight of 2.80 grams of product. Also, the eyeshadow palette came with a sample packet of four of the lipsticks from the collection. On Sephora, ULTA, and the Urban Decay website, the eyeshadow palette goes for $ 58 and the cheek palette goes for $ 45.

So lets get into the swatches!!

Disclaimer: Realistically, I never wear makeup without applying a primer first, and I did the same for the swatches. For the eyeshadows I used the Mac paint pot in Painterly, and for the blushes I used the Too Faced Hangover Face Primer.

First the eyeshadow palette:


The palette is mostly neutral shades, with a few pops of color. The shadows are very buttery and easy to blend, however the darker shades do have a little bit of fallout. If you’re on the fairer side, the shade ANAHEIM could be used as a contour shade.

First Row:

From left to right: BLONDE, BATHWATER, SKIMP, STEADY, and PUNK


Second Row:

From left to right: BABY, ANAHEIM, STARK, ZONE, and SERIOUS 


Third Row:

From left to right: POP, HARAJUKU, DANGER, 1987, and BLACKOUT


Next, the cheek palette:


The cheek palette contains 2 pink blushes, a highlighter, a blush topper, and two peachy-nude blushes. If you’re on the fairer side (I’m an NW 15-20), the shade LO-FI could actually be used as a bronzer. They are all amazing quality, and very wearable shades.

First Row:

From left to right: CHERRY, EASY, and ANGEL


Second Row:

From left to right: LO-FI, HUSH, and OC


And thats all the swatches!

I am very happy with both palettes, and they both exceeded my expectations. They have an amazing variety of shades, are great for a day to night transition look, are compact and versatile, and are great quality.

Worth mentioning: The shade OC in the cheek palette gives a beautiful duo chrome effect. Its a shame the camera can’t catch the effect, but if you get the chance to, try it out!

Finally, I definitely think both these palettes are worth the hype, and if you can manage to get your hands on them, definitely snatch them (They are a limited collection).

You can find the palettes on here:

Eyeshadow Palette:




Cheek Palette:




Alright, thats all I have for this blog post! If you’d like, follow us on Instagram @threegalsoneblog and let me know what you guys think of both palettes in the comments below 🙂

Until next time!

Michelle Clara

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  1. Nice palettes! I love how the eyeshadow palettes have vibrant shades amongst the neutral ones 🙂

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    1. I agree! Its such an amazing palette ❤ Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  2. Mairanny says:

    The pale pink ones was my fave colors of this palette. 💚👍


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