My Top 10 Winter Scents

10. ‘Sacha’ by Benefit

One of my all-time favorite scents…it stays all day and whenever I wear it I get heaps of compliments…I’m almost out of it so I’m going to repurchase it!


9. ‘5th Avenue’ by Elizabeth Arden

image8 copy.jpg
My little sister’s best friend Sophie got me this for my 16th birthday and I’m obsessed with the smell of this perfume. I actually ran out of this (this bottle is empty) and I’m also going to buy this ASAP because it’s EVERYTHING.

8. ‘Eau Plurielle’ by Diptyque

This multi-use fragrance can be sprayed on the hair, clothes, body and in the room and smells like roses. It’s very fresh…I mostly use it in the winter mornings to wake me up more. It’s the least winterly scent out of the 10 and can be worn all year round.


7. ‘Dolce’ by Dolce & Gabbana

This is a very day- appropriate scent…and just like the diptyque perfume it’s very fresh but it smells completely different. It stays all day long and I also get heaps of compliments on it. This is hands down my all-time favorite day perfume.

6. ’10 La Rue De La Fortune’  by D&G

I love love love love wearing this in winter. The perfume is unisex (both male and female can wear this)  and is very unique. I prefer #7 to this but in terms of winter…this fragrance is more winterly (I tend to wear it more often in winter) than #7.


5. ‘Fleurissimo’ by Creed

This is the most expensive perfume that I own (239 Swiss Franks) and it it’s at #5 just because it does not stay as long as the others I own. For that price I expected it to be stronger and more lasting. The smell of this, however, is divine and is my 3rd favorite scent of all time. This is great for all year round but I use it very sparingly in fall and winter.

4. ‘Chanel N°5’ by Chanel

This is a classic. I feel like it’s a love it or hate it kind of scent and I happen to not just love it but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it. This comes in many different variations of packaging shown above is my favorite packaging and I wear this religiously in winter. Oh and this stays on all day long.

3. ‘Alien’ by Thierry Mugler

The scent of this perfume is very sexy. In winter I wear this whenever I feel like I’m in the mood to turn some heads around because it’s so strong and unique smelling that literally when I pass by people turn and see who the heck smells this effing good. I get a lot of guys complimenting me on this scent more than any other perfume I wear and literally almost every girl I chill with has to ask what perfume I’m wearing. I live for this perfume and I mostly wear it on night outs in fall and winter.

2. ‘Le Parfum, Original Eau De Parfum’  by Elie Saab

I have no words to describe this. Literally you need this in your life…it’s THE BEST PERFUME IN THE WORLD (if you exclude #1) It’s so so so so good that I never want to wear it because I feel like I’m not deserving of its perfection. It smells HEAVENLY. Literally perfect for all seasons but for special occasions and it lasts forever and the smell doesn’t fade out during the time you wear it for.

1. ‘Caléche’ by Hermēs

This scent is the most unique and special out of the 10. I use it extra sparingly because it’s so special that I actually only wear in very rare super special occasions. This smells EXPENSIVE. It’s so sophisticated. It’s strong but lightweight, rich and deep but fresh and lasts the longest out of all my perfumes. This, I love to wear in winter nights and I’ve had this bottle for 4 years now and I thought they discontinued it but they just repackaged it so anyone can still get this. I got mine from the Hermēs Boutique in Geneva but I believe you can get this online on their website. It’s literally worth the investment. This fragrance is my little secret or used to be (now that I shared it here) and it took me a long time debating whether or not I should share this because this is the only perfume that when people ask me about I pretend like I forgot that I have it on…I’m so possessive of this and I want to be the only person in the world to own it. But since nobody reads this anyway I might as well share it 😛


Thank for stopping by.

Auf Wiedersehen,

Nouf Riyad xx

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