Welcome to Cirque Knie: A Night Out in Bern

In summer 2015 I was invited to go to Circus Knie in Bern. I didn’t know what to expect (because everyone was raving about how good this circus was with some claiming that it was the best in the world) but was very excited nonetheless. Of course, just like any other circus show photography wasn’t allowed and of course just like any other circus show I didn’t care and took pictures anyway. However, this time, I was caught several times and the security guard at the tent entrance was so frustrated with me that he left the entrance unsupervised and sat on an empty seat a few rows behind me to make sure I wasn’t taking any pictures or videos. In the break he went up to me and told me that if any of the acts see me taking pictures they’d fire him on the spot so I toned it down and tried to enjoy the show.

Before I share some of these amazing images (The featured picture that you can already see being on of them) with you I thought I’ll give you a little background information on this circus.

The Knie Dynasty (Translated from German to English from their official website http://www.knie.ch

The story of the Knie family began in 1803 when medicine student Friedrich Knie fell in love with equestrian Wilma and her troupe that he decided to drop out of college and train to be an acrobat and equestrian himself. Unfortunately, the love affair didn’t last long but his love and passion for the arts only grew stronger. In 1806 he founded an independent acrobats and equestrian artistic company using his own horses. They played in many arenas in all around Europe and received a lot of praise and recognition by the kings and princesses and eventually became famous. Knie then fell in love with Antonia Staufer whose father did not approve of him and his lifestyle and ended up sending her to the convent to keep them apart. One night, the two fled to Bohemia and got married. They had five children, Rudolf, Georg, Karl, Fanny Adelheid and Franz. For generations to come all the Knie children were and still are involved in the circus after fulfilling their lifetime dream of performing in their own magnificent tents. They also founded a children’s zoo. Today the circus is run by the 8th generation of the Knie family.

Now let me show you some of the pictures I took

This is the tent that I walked into. They actually have more than one this is just the ‘reception’ one where they have the buffet and where people wait before they are seated if they came too early.

A video from snapchat of when i first saw this (I must warn you I’m so annoying in these videos)



A picture of the tent’s ceiling and the buffet.

Here’s another video of when the same place from my snapchat.

Look who I saw!!!!!

Going inside the tent.

The pictures i managed to take and another snapchat video.

Juggle juggle juggglleeee.
The most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen.


The end.

If you want to see more pictures or book a ticket go to: http://www.knie.ch

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post…

Auf Wiedersehen,

Noof Riyad. xx

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